Certifications and Associations


In addition to working in accordance with AWS D1.1 and ASME B31.3, we test and certify according to the following national and international regulations:

       U & R Stamp
       Section VIII Division 1  

Atlantis Equipment designs, builds, repairs and installs ASME pressure vessels conforming to code and non-code requirements. The tanks varying greatly in size, purpose and complexity can be fabricated in many grades of stainless and carbon steel as well as aluminum and other exotic alloys.

The ASME Code Symbol Stamp provides users with a high degree of confidence that the stamped items conform to established safety standards.UL-142 (NO STAMP) / API-620 / API-650

Atlantis Equipment specializes in carbon steel and stainless steel storage tank designs conforming to American Petroleum Institute standards and UL regulations. We are experinced to fabricate the following ratings:

API 620 Storage Tanks – for large volume, welded, low pressure storage vessels

API 650 Storage Tanks – for low pressure storage vessels with frangible roof joints

UL 142 Storage Tanks – for above-ground, flammable liquid storage vessels

Atlantis Equipment also provides unique variations to the above standards, and non-code vessels to suit your specific application requirements.